Existing Homes incentive changes effective January 1, 2016

As part of ongoing efforts to ensure cost-effective savings to customers, Energy Trust updates some incentives of each year. The following Existing Homes incentive changes will go into effect January 1, 2016. Any incentives not noted below will remain at current 2015 levels. The Trade Ally Resources web pages and online application will be updated to reflect these changes by January 4, 2016.

Some incentive updates are under further discussion. Additional incentive changes for large tank heat pump water heaters and EPSTM for Existing Homes were presented to the Energy Trust Conservation Advisory Council in October. Based on feedback and questions from the council, Energy Trust will review these incentives further, and will provide an update to the Conservation Advisory Council in November. The December issue of Insider will provide an update and confirm any changes to these incentive offers.

Existing Homes incentive changes effective January 1, 2016:

MeasureDetails2015 Incentive2016 Incentive
Direct-vent gas fireplace70-74% FE, electronic ignition
75%+ FE, electronic ignition$350$250
Direct vent gas unit heater80% AFUE$100Discontinued in Oregon
Ductless heat pumpNew in 2016: minimum 9.0 HSPF$800$800
Gas furnace95%+ AFUE in Washington only$350$200
90%+ AFUE for single-family rentals$500$550
Heat pump advanced controlsSelf installation$150$50
Professional installation$150$150
Smart thermostatsNest models only, homes heated with forced-air furnace (electric or gas) or heat pump with electric furnace backupNone$50
Gas tank water heater0.67 EF in Oregon$125$100
Heat pump water heaterTier 1 small tank (55 gallons or less)$150$150
Tier 1 large tank (60+ gallons)$500Further discussion
Tier 2 or 3 (55 gallons or less)$500$300
EPS for Existing Homes$75Further discussion
Multiple upgrade incentive$100Discontinued
Pool pumpsTwo-speed models$100Discontinued
Direct installation of LED A-lamps$11$9

Detailed summary of Existing Homes incentive changes effective January 1, 2016:

  • Fireplaces—Incentives for qualifying tier 1 gas fireplaces with FE of 70 to 74 percent will be reduced from $250 to $150, and qualifying tier 2 gas fireplaces with FE of 75 percent or greater will be reduced from $350 to $250. Qualifying fireplaces will require an electronic ignition to be eligible for Energy Trust incentives.
  • Direct-vent gas unit heater—Direct-vent gas unit heaters with an AFUE of 80 percent will be discontinued for customers in Oregon. The incentive will continue to be available to customers in Washington.
  • Ductless heat pump—A minimum 9.0 HSPF will now be required for ductless heat pumps to be eligible for incentives.
  • Furnaces—Gas furnaces with an AFUE of 95 percent or higher will be eligible for a reduced incentive of $200 available to NW Natural customers in Washington. The incentive for gas furnaces with an AFUE of 90 percent or greater available to single-family rental properties (including manufactured homes) will be increased to $550.
  • Heat pump advanced controls—The self-installation incentive for heat pump advanced controls will be reduced to $50, while the $150 incentive for professional installs will remain the same.
  • Smart thermostat—A new $50 consumer incentive will be available for Nest smart thermostats installed in homes heated by either a forced-air furnace (electric or gas) or a heat pump with electric furnace backup
  • Water heaters—A reduced incentive of $100 will be available for gas tank water heaters with an EF of .67 for customers in Oregon and Washington. Heat pump water heater incentives will be reduced for tanks 55 gallons or less. Tier 1 water heaters will be eligible for a $150 incentive, and tier 2 and 3 water heaters will be eligible for a $300 incentive. Additionally, heat pump water heaters will no longer be required to replace an electric water heater to be eligible for Energy Trust incentives. An incentive amount change for large tank units is under further discussion.
  • Multiple upgrade incentive—The $100 multiple upgrade incentive will be discontinued.
  • EPS—The $75 incentive for EPS (existing homes) is under further consideration for 2016 modification.
  • Pool pump—Two-speed models will no longer qualify for Energy Trust incentives. Variable-speed models will remain eligible.
  • Direct install—The incentive for LED A-lamps will be reduced from $11 to $9.

If you have any questions about these changes, contact the Existing Homes program at 1.866.365.3526, option 8.