EPS New Construction 2018 technical changes

EPS New Construction has a new offering for homes in 2018. The last day to submit homes in Axis under the 2017 offering was March 31, 2018.

Blue arrow showing timeline for submitting applications

Starting April 1, 2018, verifiers must follow the framework for the 2018 offering, outlined below:

Modeling software version and library set

  • Verifiers must use REM/Rate™ v15.3 to model homes
  • Models must use the 2018 library set 2018 Library Set-REMv15_3

Modeling guidelines

  • Verifiers must model homes using a combination of the Northwest Modeling Requirements (v4, 12/2017) and 2018 EPS Amendments to the Northwest Modeling Requirements
  • Please note that 2018 EPS Amendments supersede the Northwest Modeling Requirements

User Defined Reference Homes (UDRH)

  • Washington homes: Verifiers must use an EPS-specific UDRH
  • Oregon homes: Verifiers must select a UDRH based on whether the primary heating system is central or zonal

Visit newhomesverifier.com to get the documents referenced above, and please contact epstechnical@energytrust.org if you have questions.