EPS™ continues to gain market share

EPSAccording to preliminary 2014 results, nearly 2,000 homes in Oregon received an EPS™, amounting to 26 percent of the market in Energy Trust service territory. Official results will be available in Energy Trust’s 2014 Annual Report on April 15. Since Energy Trust launched EPS in 2009, builders have increasingly used the energy performance scoring system as a tool for delivering impressive energy savings to homebuyers. The rise in popularity of energy-efficient homes isn’t surprising given their many benefits, which include greater performance, improved comfort and reduced energy costs.

With EPS, the lower the score, the more efficient the home. The score can range from zero to more than 200, with zero being the best possible rating. Located in Bend, the most energy-efficient home in the state this year earned an EPS of 0 and is 47 percent more efficient than required by code. Overall, the average rating for EPS-rated homes built in Oregon this year was 63. In 2013, the average was 66.

To learn how you can become an EPS builder, visit Energy Trust’s EPS for Builders page.