EPS builders: Request your two-year Home Energy Score waiver

City of Portland Home Energy Score logo

The Portland Home Energy Score Ordinance took effect on January 1, 2018. Newly built homes that receive an EPS through Energy Trust’s EPS New Construction program track are eligible for a two-year waiver from this ordinance. Here are two ways to obtain a waiver, along with a summary of frequently asked questions.


OPTION 1: Verifiers obtain waivers on behalf of their builders

To obtain a waiver on behalf of a builder, verifiers need to email an affidavit to Energy Trust stating that the builder plans to build to EPS standards. The affidavit should either indicate that the builder will build all their Portland homes to EPS standards, or include a list of Portland homes that will comply. Please contact Energy Trust to obtain official affidavit language.

OPTION 2: Builders obtain their own waivers with the City of Portland

For a builder to obtain a waiver, they must:

  1. Contact Energy Trust to request proof of EPS participation for either a single home or a specific list of homes. Energy Trust will respond to the builder with an EPS confirmation letter.
  2. Complete the City of Portland Waiver Application online at least 10 days before listing and attach the provided EPS confirmation letter.

What is the ordinance, and how does it apply to me?
Beginning on January 1, 2018, sellers of single-family homes in Portland, Oregon are required to obtain and disclose a Home Energy Report estimating the energy-related use, associated costs and cost-effective solutions to improve the home’s efficiency.

 Effective Date: January 1, 2018
Information disclosed: Home Energy Report and Home Energy Score (defined by state law)
Regulated party: Seller or homebuilder
Time of disclosure: At or before listing
Recipient of disclosure: Real estate listings, prospective buyers

How can I obtain a waiver for my EPS homes?
Follow one of the two waiver options described above for homes that receive an EPS. Remember that the waiver request must be received by the City of Portland at least 10 business days before listing a newly built home for sale. These waivers are valid through the end of 2019.

Where do I locate my Portland property ID number?
There are two options:

  1. Navigate to Portland Maps and look up the home address.
    Click on Assessor tab, and click on Assessor Detail.
  2. Navigate to Multnomah County property records and enter as a guest.
  3. Look up the home address, omitting road/street.

What text is my realtor required to post on RMLS to indicate that a home meets the Home Energy Score Ordinance requirements?
The following text is required by the ordinance: “This home is an Energy Trust of Oregon EPS™ home. This high-performance new home was built to perform better than Oregon Energy Code and therefore the builder has been granted a waiver from the City of Portland Home Energy Score program requirement.”

For additional information about the Portland Home Energy Score Ordinance, visit the PDX HES website. If you have questions about the EPS New Construction waiver process for the Portland Home Energy Score Ordinance, please email eps@energytrust.org or call the Trade Ally Hotline at 1.877.283.0698.