Energy Trust sees an increase in disqualified ductless heat pump applications

Energy Trust has seen a substantial increase in the number of disqualified ductless heat pump (DHP) projects in 2020, leading to lost incentive payments and negative impacts on trade allies’ star ratings. Trade allies can avoid potential disqualifications by paying attention to a few key reminders.

Key DHP qualification reminders:

  • Primary head must be installed in main living area (i.e. entry/family room, kitchen or dining room).
  • Primary head cannot be installed in a bedroom.
  • Qualifying indoor head must be installed in a space previously heated by electric-resistance heat.
  • The qualifying indoor head is not eligible if installed in a previously unconditioned space such as a garage, attic or home addition.

When a DHP project is disqualified, the incentive amount will be deducted from the next project payment. In addition to losing an incentive payment, a disqualified project also negatively impacts the trade ally’s star rating.

Prior to offering a DHP incentive to a customer, consult the 2020 Energy Trust Specifications Manual to ensure the project meets site eligibility requirements (page 61). Energy Trust’s quality management team offers live video support to interested trade allies.

If you have any questions about project specifications or you could benefit from a live video support call, please email the Residential quality management team.