Energy Trust launches increased incentives as part of the expanding Equitable Solar Initiative

In support of Energy Trust’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals, the solar program made new increased incentive rates available starting in October 2020 for tribal, affordable multifamily, and eligible nonprofit customers with a stated mission and track record of serving underserved communities. These increased incentives offset a greater portion of the upfront cost of a project and support Energy Trust’s goals to expand the benefits of solar to more underserved Oregonians, and those serving them.

Just like the residential offer for Solar Within Reach, the increased incentive funds made available for these customers support our program’s Equitable Solar Initiative and DEI goals. These funds have been intentionally allocated from Energy Trust’s budget and are specifically targeted at expanding the benefits of solar to communities that have not previously had access to it. All active solar trade allies in good standing are eligible to offer these increased incentives to eligible customers, however it is important for participating trade allies to understand and model these goals.

The initial launch of the offer was incredibly well received, with the trade ally network responding strongly to support the Equitable Solar Initiative. The increased 2020 incentive funds for projects in Pacific Power territory were fully subscribed in under one month. Additional Equitable Solar Initiative funding for eligible Pacific Power customers will be made available on January 4, 2021.

To be eligible for this offer, the proposed solar project must adhere to all Solar Electric Installation Requirements and Program Guide requirements, and the customer must confirm their eligibility by submitting a signed Eligibility Attestation (Form 210SE) as part of the application packet in PowerClerk. This process will function similarly to how Solar Within Reach is administered for income-qualified residential customers.

Check out the incentive status report for current incentive rate levels.

Please email with any questions about process or eligibility. Thank you for your continued support in helping bring the benefits of solar to all Oregonians.