Energy Trust announces Net Zero Fellowship Advisory Panel

Meeting attendees sitting in chairs looking attentively at presenter.

Energy Trust announced the 2018 Net Zero Fellowship grant to support net-zero energy building research. To assist with selection of grant recipients, Energy Trust assembled the Net Zero Advisory Panel below, which comprised of leaders in a variety of commercial new construction industry sectors.

Mark PerepelitzaSERA Architects
Erica DunnGreen Hammer
Marc BrunePAE Consulting Engineers
Shilpa SuranaBrightworks Sustainability
Nathan YoungMODs PDX Inc.
Jay RaskinResilience Specialist
Heather DeGrellaOPSIS Architecture
Wendy KleinREACH Community Development
Bing LiuNorthwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Ralph DiNolaNew Buildings Institute
Andrea CaudillEnergy Trust
Jessica Rose IplikciEnergy Trust
Jeni HallEnergy Trust

Here in Oregon, net-zero buildings have gained notable market traction for early design and implementation, yet widespread adoption will require new research to advance best practices in design. Later this summer, Energy Trust will announce the next individual(s) to undertake research as Net Zero Fellows and help advance net-zero building. Two grants, not exceeding a combined total of $50,000, may be awarded.

Learn about last year’s fellowship recipient, Brightworks Sustainability.