Energy Trust announces incentive increases for industry and agriculture projects

Energy Trust’s industry and agriculture program is happy to announce incentive increases for select electric and gas-saving equipment for industrial and agricultural businesses in Oregon as of April 18, 2022. Incentive limits have also increased from $40,000 to $250,000 per site, per year.

Incentive increases are listed below and only apply to industrial and agricultural customers, unless otherwise noted. Incentives which are not included in the list below remain unchanged from previous levels. For a full list of current incentives and requirements please visit the industry and agriculture section of the Energy Trust website. Please note that incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

Incentive increases effective April 18, 2022:

Greenhouse & Nursery UpgradesIncentive before April 18, 2022Incentive on April 18, 2022
Condensing unit heater for greenhouses$5.00 per kBtu input$7.50 per kBtu input
Infrared (IR) polyethylene greenhouse cover$0.02 per sq ft$0.10 per sq ft
Greenhouse controllers$0.10 per sq ft$0.20 per sq ft
Thermal curtain$0.30 per sq ft$0.45 per sq ft
Under-bench heating$1.05 per sq ft$1.55 per sq ft

MESA/LESA/LEPA/PMDIIncentive before April 18, 2022Incentive on April 18, 2022
High pressure to MESA (system with VFD)$25$35
High pressure to LESA/LEPA/PMDI (system with VFD)$25$35
MESA to LESA/LEPA/PMDI (system with VFD)$15$35
High pressure to MESA (system without VFD)$7$15
High pressure to LESA/LEPA/PMDI (system without VFD)$10$15
MESA to LESA/LEPA/PMDI (system without VFD)$7$15
Indoor Grow OperationsIncentive before April 18, 2022Incentive on April 18, 2022
Indoor Ag Dehumidifiers*$7 per pint per day$12 per pint per day input

*Must replace existing, working equipment. Dehumidifiers must have a Minimum Energy Factor of 3.0 L/kWh

Limited-time bonus incentives:

For a limited-time, Energy Trust is also offering standard bonus incentives for select gas-saving equipment for existing commercial and industrial buildings in Oregon, along with commercial, industrial and multifamily buildings served by NW Natural in Southwest Washington. The following bonuses are currently available for qualifying industrial customers:

Building and Pipe InsulationBase IncentiveBase IncentiveTotal Incentive
Pipe Insulation**$4-12 per LF$3-11$15 per LF

**No existing insulation. This is a limited-time bonus. To qualify, equipment must be purchased on or after 3/1/22 and installed by 9/30/22. A complete incentive application must be received by Energy Trust within 180 days from the date of purchase and installation.

For a list of forms, visit the industry and agriculture forms and resources page on Energy Trust’s website.