Energy savings study on Wi-Fi thermostats for ductless heat pumps

Energy Trust of Oregon regularly performs studies on emerging technologies and energy-efficiency upgrades. To understand whether ductless (mini-split) heat pumps are providing the best energy performance and comfort, Energy Trust is conducting a study of Wi-Fi thermostats for ductless systems.

Recruitment began in late August and will be conducted primarily through email. Energy Trust will contact past participants who received an incentive for their ductless heat pump, and PGE will support recruitment efforts by providing a list of customers living in the PGE Smart Grid Test Bed who did not receive an Energy Trust incentive, but who are also good candidates for this study. Direct mail will be deployed in late September if needed to reach the recruitment goal of 800 participants.

To determine eligibility, customers are asked to complete an online study application. If a customer is eligible and selected to participate, they will receive a $20 cash gift card for completing the application, along with a free Flair Puck (Wi-Fi thermostat for their ductless heat pump), valued at $120.

The Flair Puck is a Wi-Fi connected device that can be mounted on the wall and functions like a smart thermostat, meaning no more searching for a missing remote control. It gives customers two ways to control their ductless heat pump settings—through a smartphone app they can use while on the go, or by adjusting the device like a standard thermostat.

Customers who are not selected to participate will still receive a $20 cash gift card for taking the time to complete the study application.

The study period will last for approximately one year, from October 2020 until October 2021. Details on the study can be found at