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Efficient water heaters pay off

Cash incentives are available through Energy Trust of Oregon for some condensing tank and tankless water heaters. Some tankless heating systems, such as the Rennai Duo, have an integrated holding tank and can function similarly to high-efficiency commercial tank water heaters. Check out the standard commercial tank and tankless water heater incentives in the standard incentive brochures for Oregon and Washington.

EquipmentRequirementsEstimated Average Energy SavingsCash Incentive
Commercial Tank Water HeatersCondensing tank Minimum 91% thermal efficiency1.37 therms/kBtuh input$4/kBtuh input
Commercial Tankless/ Instantaneous Water HeatersWith electronic ignition Only for coin-operated laundry (COL), foodservice (FS) and lodging (L)
Minimum 94% thermal efficiency
Minimum 200 kBtu/h input
COL: 2.58 therms/kBtu/h input
FS: 0.57 therms/kBtu/h input
L: 1.11 therms/kBtu/h input
$2/kBtuh input

You can learn more about commercial water heating incentives on our premium gas and water heating page. If you have questions, please contact Alex Snook, trade ally coordinator, at 503.407.7286.