Earn extra incentives for installing efficient equipment

Energy Trust of Oregon supports the efforts of builders and subcontractors who prioritize energy efficiency. When you install high-efficiency equipment in new homes, you can receive cash incentives ranging from $20 to $500, depending on the equipment.

These stand-alone equipment incentives are applicable only to homes that have not already received an EPSTM, Energy Trust’s energy performance score, which offers its own set of incentives. For stand-alone offerings, choose from the following equipment options.

  • Qualified ductless heat pump systems reduce energy costs by providing efficient zonal heating and cooling for individual rooms, smart controls and motion sensors, and by eliminating duct leakage. The incentive amount is $400.
  • Qualified heat pump water heaters more than double the efficiency of traditional electric tanks by pulling heat from outside air and using it to heat water. This reduces the need for electric resistance heat. Most models include digital displays for easy adjusting, plus a vacation mode for even more savings. The incentive amount is $400-$500, depending on the efficiency tier of the model.
  • Gas tankless water heaters provide unlimited hot water on demand, and save energy by heating water only as it is needed. These units are particularly beneficial in homes that require a large amount of hot water, or in homes where there is not enough space for a standard tank water heater. The incentive amount is $250.
  • ENERGY STAR® gas tank water heaters with an energy factor of 0.67 or better are also eligible for incentives and can provide long-term savings over standard models with a minimal increase in upfront cost. The incentive amount is $100.
  • We also offer a $20 incentive for qualified showerheads and shower wands that save energy and water without sacrificing performance.

Find more information here on Energy Trust incentives for energy-efficient equipment in new homes.