Does this ductless heat pump qualify?

EH_Insider_Heat_PumpEnergy Trust offers an $800 cash incentive per home for qualifying ductless heat pump installations. When you prequalify customers, keep the following eligibility guidelines in mind.

  • The home must use permanently installed electric resistance heat as the primary heat source, such as baseboards, ceiling heat, wall heat and electric forced-air furnaces
  • The ductless heat pump must replace electric resistance heat in the main area of the home
  • The ductless heat pump must have an HSPF of 9.0 or greater
  • The ductless heat pump must be inverter-driven with a minimum five-year warranty
  • The ductless heat pump must meet the specifications in Energy Trust’s 2016 Specifications Manual
  • The ductless heat pump must be installed by a contractor who is trained by the manufacturer on the specific heat pump brand and who attended a NW Ductless Heat Pump Project orientation webinar 
  • Newly built homes, new additions and homes with existing heat pumps, boilers or gas furnaces do not qualify for this incentive

For more information on ductless heat pump qualifications and specifications, please visit Energy Trust’s ductless heat pump page or the 2016 Specifications Manual.