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Ductless heat pump $500 incentive effective April 1

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Energy Trust of Oregon periodically reviews and updates incentives to ensure we offer cost-effective savings. A recent evaluation showed that savings were  below what is needed to meet our cost-effectiveness requirements. To continue offering a ductless heat pump incentive, Energy Trust will reduce the $800 single-family and manufactured home incentive amount to $500 for installations on or after April 1, 2020.

Energy Trust’s ductless heat pump incentive is based specifically on the savings from offsetting electric resistance heat in the primary living area of the home. To qualify for an incentive for single-family and manufactured homes, installations must:

  • Have at least one indoor unit in the primary living space (great room, living room)
  • Replace electric resistance heating equipment such as baseboards, ceiling heat, wall heat and electric forced-air furnaces
    • If the home uses wood or propane heat, it must have functioning electric resistance heating equipment
  • Have 9.0+ HSPF outdoor units as determined by AHRI

Incentivized installations are not meant to serve previously unconditioned spaces such as a garage, attic, or home addition. Installations in these locations will be disqualified.

The $1,000 Savings Within Reach and Rental incentives are unchanged, however, installation requirements remain the same across all incentive levels. Increased promotional incentives available for rental properties and manufactured homes are unchanged.

Please note that the paper and online form are also updated to collect additional information if supplemental fuel exists in the home. A copy of the paper form is available on our website, or apply online.