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Double check forms for common pitfalls to save time

Missing information delays incentives, affects star ratings and costs your company valuable staff time. To help trade allies with some of these common pitfalls, Energy Trust has compiled a list of measures and their corresponding forms that are often misinterpreted:

  • Ductless Heat Pump with Electric Zonal Heat (Form 320c): Please make sure you check one of the boxes under Previous Heating System Information > Heating System Replaced.EH_MissingInfo_DHP_1605
  • Gas Fireplaces (invoice billing the customer): To ensure your incentive is paid in a timely manner, please submit the corresponding purchase or installation invoice with your application. Whether you submit an online form or mail, fax, or email documentation to Energy Trust, you must include the invoice and make sure it’s marked “paid in full” to receive reimbursement.EH_MissingInfo_Fireplace_1605
  • Attic Insulation (Form 320c): Many forms are submitted without beginning or ending R-values. Please make sure the entire row is completed when requesting reimbursement for this measure.EH_MissingInfo_Attic_1605
  • Windows (Form 320c): Please check that the entire row is completed when requesting reimbursement for both window types. Even after selecting a window type—for example ‘U-Value ≤ 0.27’—please ensure that the exact U-value is also listed in the corresponding column. Do not forget to include the total square footage of the area or room in which the windows were installed.EH_MissingInfo_Windows_1605

To help expedite your next application, consider applying online. Online applications take the guess work out of the reimbursement process by clearly calling out all required fields and documents. They reduce processing times and also allow you to track the status of your application.

If you have additional questions about incentive requirements and eligibility, contact the Existing Homes trade ally team at 866.365.3526, extension 3.