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Document signing with Craft3 goes electronic

On-Bill repayment partner and local nonprofit lender Craft3 launched electronic document signing, Docusign, to facilitate delivery, signing and return of loan documents electronically. This new approach only takes a few minutes, eliminates the hassles of printing and mailing, and minimizes signing errors which can delay the process.

How Docusign works:

  • Craft3 emails the borrower a link to loan documents, after the bid and loan amounts are finalized.
  • Borrower reviews and signs loan documents using an electronic signature. Documents are instantly transmitted back to Craft3.
  • Craft3 prepares initial disbursements to the trade ally.

Craft3 will continue to offer paper document signing upon request, at its offices or remotely.

To offer on-bill loan repayment to customers, trade allies must have a 2.5 star rating and attend the training webinar. To register for the training webinar, check the Training & Education Calendar.

For more information about Craft3’s on-bill Home Energy Loan, visit or contact Craft3 at 1.888.231.2140.