On-demand trainings

Looking for a convenient way to boost your knowledge about energy-efficient new home construction? Energy Trust offers an array of short online trainings that cover best practices, EPSTM requirements and more. Complete these free courses at home, in the office or out in the field using your computer or mobile device.

Topics range from specific building techniques to a detailed breakdown of what it takes to earn cash incentives for building efficient homes. Examples include an introduction to new home scores and certifications, solar electric systems, trusted techniques for zonal pressure relief and whole-house mechanical ventilation.

Many of the trainings work in conjunction with Energy Trust’s EPS Field Guide. This handy resource shows exactly what it takes to receive EPS and set your homes apart from the rest. The guide provides comprehensive details on all EPS requirements, along with best practices and recommendations that outline the path to greater home energy performance and cash incentives.

Energy Trust’s on-demand trainings include videos and quizzes, and provide additional resources and notes to help answer questions. Click here to experience it for yourself, or to download a copy of the EPS Field Guide.

For more information about available resources and incentives, contact Mike Lillesand, New Homes trade ally coordinator, at 1.877.283.0698.