Customer Service Tip: Make the most of incentives

When you meet with prospective customers, take time to explain incentives that are available for projects they’re considering, and provide a current incentive brochure. Itemize incentives on your bid or proposal to show the customer what they can save on each energy-saving improvement.

Customers are always happy when they receive an incentive check. You can do your part to ensure incentives arrive without delay by using current forms and applications. Read the Insider for announcements about new forms and updated incentive brochures for Oregon and Washington, and download up-to-date forms from the trade ally web pages under Forms & Resources. It’s best to limit the number of hard copies of forms you keep on-hand, and print from our website as you need them.

Forms are updated periodically with new incentive amounts, requirements, data-tracking fields and terms and conditions. Using outdated forms can delay processing while we gather missing information or wait for the customer to sign the current form and agree to new terms. This can result in customer complaints, delayed incentives or disqualification, all of which are easily avoided by using up-to-date forms and applications.