Custom incentives for qualifying projects at multifamily properties

Do you have a project that saves energy but doesn’t fit within our standard incentive requirements? It may still qualify for custom incentives.

In addition to standard incentives, Energy Trust offers custom incentives and energy analysis for many cost-effective energy-efficiency improvements. We can provide a free site evaluation and a personalized energy-savings action plan, which will recommend energy-efficiency upgrades that may qualify for Energy Trust custom incentives. The report will estimate energy savings, costs and return on investment, as well as qualifying cash incentives. For a custom project, an engineering study or other technical assessment may be required to determine the potential savings.

Custom incentives pay $0.25 per kWh and $2 per therm, up to 60% of project costs, based on the estimated annual energy savings. To receive custom incentives, all equipment must receive pre-approval from Energy Trust before purchase.

If you are unsure whether a project may qualify for custom incentives or have questions about custom Multifamily incentives, please contact Nate Collins, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075.