Congratulations to top performing Existing Homes trade allies

Thanks to the hard work of more than 400 Existing Homes trade ally contractors in 2015, Oregon and southwest Washington residents are saving energy and living in more comfortable homes. The following list shows the trade allies who achieved the highest energy savings in their region last year.

Existing Homes trade allies by region with highest BTU savings in 2015

RegionCompanyEnergy Savings (BTUs)
Region 1 – North CoastGroth-Gates Heating & Sheet Metal311,685,974
Region 2 – South CoastPacific Air Comfort480,560,164
Region 3 – Portland MetroThe Heat Pump Store2,102,645,207
Region 4 – Mid-WillametteTotal Comfort Weatherization Ltd1,217,089,147
Region 5 – Southern WillametteHendrix Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd1,083,838,831
Region 6 – SouthernKennedy Fuel Co1,221,139,409
Region 7 – Columbia BasinMcDowell & Son Heating and Air Conditioning167,018,816
Region 8 – CentralCentral Oregon Heating & Cooling Inc.699,408,846
Region 9 – Klamath BasinSeasons Change LLC289,840,835
Region 10 – Northeast Mr. Insulation Co. Inc215,655,386
Region 11 – EasternSuperior Insulation Inc28,637,755
Region 12 – SW WashingtonHenderson & Daughter Windows & Doors1,118,655,285

A big thank you to all trade allies for your contributions toward promoting energy savings and Energy Trust services and offerings in 2015. We look forward to working with you and your staff in 2016 and beyond.