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Commercial swimming pool incentives

Heating a swimming pool can use a lot of energy and result in high utility bills. Energy Trust’s Existing Buildings program would like to work with you to help your customers improve their pool’s energy efficiency and save money.

Crook County Parks and Recreation Department worked with Energy Trust of Oregon to replace their outdoor pool cover and received $7,500 in cash incentives, which covered nearly 80% of the upgrade cost. On top of incentive savings, the new cover is estimated to save the department $12,000 on their annual utility bills.

To read the full story, visit our Energy Trust Blog article “Crook County Parks and Recreation District saves summer with outdoor pool cover”.

Help your customers reduce their swimming pool operational costs while promoting energy efficiency by utilizing Energy Trust of Oregon’s commercial standard swimming pool incentives.

Commercial pool cover

  • $6.00 per sq. ft of pool surface area

Commercial swimming pool heater

  • Up to $5.00 per sq. ft of pool surface area

For incentive details and requirements, please refer to the following incentive applications:

For more information contact Heath Heiberg, Existing Buildings trade ally manager, at 503.307.3328.