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Columbia Basin students get a hands-on lesson in energy-efficient homebuilding

In Eastern Oregon, the Columbia Basin Student Homebuilder Program brings energy efficiency to the next generation of builders. The program gives high school students in the Hermiston School District the opportunity to discover trades, work alongside local contractors, support local suppliers and learn how to build a modern, comfortable and energy-efficient home that’s EPSTM rated.

In 2015, Energy Trust recognized the program with an EPS Award for excellence in energy-efficient building. With educational support from Energy Trust, including a focus on EPS and high energy performance homes, students learn how to build better, more efficient structures.

“One of the reasons this program is around is to give students hands-on experience working in the trades,” explains Curt Berger, program coordinator for the Columbia Basin Student Homebuilder Program. “With the homebuilding program, they can see everything from the ground up.”

While the demand for energy-efficient homes in Eastern Oregon is still catching on, Berger is confident in the direction of the industry and the strength of the program: “We can build a nice house that’s modern and energy-efficient. We think people are going to be moving in that direction in the future, and we’d like to be the leaders in that.”

The Columbia Basin Student Homebuilder Program is just one example of how adopting EPS can help you build a more comfortable, modern and energy-efficient home. Learn more about the Columbia Basin Student Homebuilder Program here.