Choosing the right lighting offer for your customers

Energy Trust’s Business Lighting team strives to give every eligible customer an opportunity to benefit from lighting upgrades. With multiple ways for customers to participate and receive incentives, it’s important for trade allies to know what’s available and help customers choose the right path. Energy Trust’s Standard offer is an excellent resource, but Instant Discounts may be a great alternative for some customers.

Here’s a quick summary of how the two offers work:

Standard (downstream)

In the Standard offer, trade allies fill out a Lighting Tool with specific information about the customer’s existing and proposed equipment, calculating exact savings and energy benefits. Once the Business Lighting team approves the project and the customer signs Form 120L, the trade ally has 365 days to install the new equipment. The incentive is sent once the project has been completed.

Instant Discounts (Midstream)

In the Instant Discounts offer, purchasers receive the discount at the point of purchase, meaning participating distributors pass on savings without the paperwork. The customer then has 90 days to install the equipment. Energy Trust reimburses the participating distributor for the discount.

This offer is great for smaller customers who may not have the bandwidth to fill out paperwork, or don’t have the cash upfront to pay for an upgrade and wait for an incentive check. Like the Standard offer, discounts are available to commercial and industrial (non-residential) PGE and Pacific Power customers who purchase Design Light Consortium (DLC) listed products. Additionally, linear LED lamps (TLEDs) are available to non-public sector customers through this offer. Note that horticulture lighting, sign lighting and ENERGY STAR® fixtures are not eligible for this offer.

To find an Instant Discounts distributor in your area, please visit our website. If you are interested in becoming an Instant Discounts distributor, please reach out to

By staying aware of these offers you can position yourself as a valuable expert resource for your customers, while helping them choose the path that best meets their needs. If you have questions about either of these offers, please reach out to your account manager or email