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Changes to Oregon K-12 schools funding and bonds


At the Existing Buildings Fall Trade Ally Event on October 11, a wealth of information was presented regarding recent changes to funding for energy efficiency projects in Oregon K-12 schools. Previously, Oregon schools could only utilize funding sources separately, and it required a long and complex project approval process for each funding source. Now, Oregon schools can use all these funding sources concurrently.

Oregon schools can now use all funding opportunities concurrently—including funding from Energy Trust, Senate Bill 1149, Senate Bill 447 and the Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program. School bond funding is the foundation for these potential projects. Keep up to date on this information through the Oregon School Boards Association website.

These changes open new doors for trade allies in 2017 by offering more funding, additional technical assistance resources and quicker turnaround of project approvals. The increased funding and flexibility will allow more trade allies to partner together and bid on more school projects in 2017 and beyond.