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Calculating window incentives 101

Energy Trust of Oregon window incentives require some calculations, but trade allies don’t need to be mathematicians to provide accurate quotes or exact instant incentive amounts on customer invoices. Use the tips below to correctly calculate window incentives and avoid delays caused by missing information.

  1. Use the windows calculator tool—the same tool we use to calculate incentives!
  2. Use rough opening dimensions. When using the windows calculator, use the rough openings for maximum incentives.
  3. Do not round individual window dimensions up or down. When using the windows calculator, enter the exact window dimensions and do not round. The calculator will round the amounts up at the end.
  4. Check with us. We’re happy to help you confirm correct amounts.If you’re ever unsure about your calculations, call us at 1.866.365.3536, or email us, and we’ll confirm incentive amounts, so you can avoid delays caused by missing information.
  5. Windows documentation—what to provide? If in doubt, please provide the manufacturer’s packing slips, which show the exact dimensions and U-value of each window installed.
  6. No packing slip? No problem. If there is no packing slip, include a copy of each NFRC sticker and use the Windows Addendum to provide dimensions and help align them with the U-values from the stickers.
  7. Non-qualifying windows? Be sure to clearly mark any windows that do not qualify, such as windows installed in a garage or unconditioned space, and those with a U-value of 0.31 or higher. Do not include these in your incentive calculations.

If you have questions about windows, or want to confirm your calculations, please reach out to the Residential trade ally team at 1.866.365.3536.