Business tip: Selling your services

Prospective customers have a problem, and they are considering your business to provide the solution. Asking the right questions can help you sell the customer on a service that only your company provides.

At the beginning of a sales call, ask questions to ensure you understand the customer’s primary motivator. Does she want to save money? Reduce her impact on the environment? Make her house more comfortable? Replace an old appliance? Improve indoor air quality? Once you have identified your customer’s primary need, offer your service by name and frame it as a solution.

Most customers are more interested in results than products. For instance, if you are selling an upgraded air filter along with a heating system, the customer is far more likely to respond to the outcome of removing allergens from the air than to the brand name of the filter, the Clean Air Delivery Rate or the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.

Customers may choose Energy Trust trade allies because they understand energy efficiency and meet requirements from Energy Trust’s Specifications Manual. You can set yourself apart from the competition by stating that as an Energy Trust trade ally, your services go beyond blowing insulation into the space. Specific customer benefits that Energy Trust trade allies can offer include:

  • Sealing air leaks between the attic and the living space so dusty attic air doesn’t leak into the home
  • Ensuring bath fans are ducted directly outside to prevent humid bathroom air from creating moisture problems in the attic
  • Preventing fires by installing protection around heat-producing fixtures and exhaust pipes
  • Evaluating whether the attic needs more vents to prevent humidity
  • Installing baffles to keep insulation and comfort consistent

Taking time to understand your customer’s needs at the front end can help you convert leads into sales and finished projects. Your attentiveness helps demonstrate that you value your customer’s well-being and the home’s performance. This kind of personal touch leads to positive experiences that can earn you customer referrals for years to come.