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Business tip: Helping your customers receive incentives quickly

EH_insider_0316_instantThe final phase in a successful project is helping your customer receive cash incentives quickly. Many customers forget to send their incentive applications to Energy Trust, meaning the trade ally never receives credit for completing the project. We encourage you to submit incentive applications on behalf of your customers to ensure that you receive credit for completing your projects, which could also increase your customer-facing star rating.

Check available incentives
Review Energy Trust cash incentives and requirements, state tax credits and manufacturer rebates before completing your incentive application. The following list of Existing Homes program information sheets provide a current list of available incentives and measure requirements. Also check Insider for seasonal bonuses that could increase the total cash incentive.

Complete the application
Fill out the incentive application online or complete the appropriate paper form and submit it via mail, fax or email. Include a copy of your invoice itemizing the portion of the job eligible for Energy Trust incentives. If you complete the application online, the customer must sign a consent authorization. If you complete the paper incentive application, both the customer and the installation contractor must sign the application.

Incomplete applications cause delays in incentive payments. Make sure all requested information is included on the application, including details like the model and serial number of a fireplace or the efficiency rating of a product. The online application can only be submitted when all required information is included.

Confirm receipt with Energy Trust
If you submit applications via mail, fax or email, contact the Existing Homes trade ally team to confirm receipt of your application. If you submit an online application, you and your customer will receive a tracking number to monitor the payment status.

Special circumstances
In unusual circumstances, you may request that Energy Trust criteria be waived to provide a customer with an incentive. Contact the Existing Homes trade ally team for the waiver request form. We review requests on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions about incentive applications, email the Existing Homes trade ally team or call 1.866.365.3526, option 9.