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Business tip: Creating customers for life

After completing work for a customer, look for opportunities to acquire future profit through referrals or repeat service. Seek to remain memorable to the customer for the excellent service and customer satisfaction you provided during the project.

Stay top of mind for callbacks
For HVAC companies or plumbers, the need for periodic maintenance creates a natural opportunity to retain repeat customers. Many companies try to generate service calls by leaving a sticker with their business name and contact information on new equipment, but these stickers are often overlooked since the equipment is usually out of the way. A refrigerator magnet, on the other hand, is an effective way to keep your brand top-of-mind, reminding customers daily of their great experience with your company. While more expensive, a detailed magnet could show a full calendar year with reminders of when units need seasonal servicing to optimize performance.

Make a lasting impression
If you install insulation or windows, it may be more difficult to get several jobs from the same customer—their needs may have been met by the initial job and no check-up visits are required. Instead of a reminder magnet, offer customers gift certificates, co-branded with your company’s name, for services such as a professional cleaning, landscaping or house painting. This lets the customer know you prioritize their happiness and want to make it easy for them to complete visual touch-ups to the home in the rare instance that your crews left the house with any appearance issues. This gift cements customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood that the homeowner will refer others to your company. If the customer chooses not to use the gift certificate themselves, they can pass it along to a friend or neighbor who may take advantage of that service while also being introduced to your company’s brand.

Invite feedback
Make sure every customer receives a thank you card that invites feedback. This lets customers know you are concerned with more than just your payment, and it gives them an opportunity to suggest ways your company can improve. Also, in the weeks and months following a project, have your administrative staff contact the customer to confirm they are still satisfied with the work you performed and would recommend you to others. Satisfied homeowners may be willing to provide testimonials that can help attract new customers.