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Business tip: Avoid tech talk

Although your customers hire you for your technical expertise, they are probably not familiar with technical or industry terminology. Terms like annual fuel utilization efficiency, air changes per hour, combustion appliance zone depressurization, static pressure and building shell can be confusing.

Customers appreciate simple, easy-to-understand explanations. Start by listening to their primary concerns—like drafty rooms or utility bills—then respond in a non-technical manner that assures them you understand their priorities.

Consider the following examples when talking with customers:

  • Avoid saying: “Our Blower Door test will depressurize your house and take readings in CFM50 to determine if the house is near the minimum ventilation level.” Instead say: “You don’t want your house to be airtight, but excess air leaks waste heat. Our Blower Door test shows how drafty your house is, and if there are air leaks, we can seal the leaks to keep the heat inside your home.”
  • Avoid saying: “Your old windows are single-pane wood frame, which means they’re only around U-0.80. Our new, low-emissivity, argon windows are in the U-0.27 range, which is much better.” Instead say: “Replacing these old, wood windows will make your bedroom more comfortable. Plus, new, double-pane windows don’t collect moisture, so you won’t have to wipe off the window sill when it’s cold.”

Your customers rely on you to listen to their needs and offer an easy-to-understand solution to problems or concerns. The simpler you make it, the more they will appreciate your service and value your expertise.