Build your business with home tours

Summer is home tour season! Home tours set the stage for interested buyers, remodelers and real estate professionals to explore the latest trends and innovations in home design, construction and technologies. Home tours also provide opportunities for you to demonstrate the value of your work by introducing your newly completed EPS™ single-family homes and accessory dwelling unit (ADU), townhomes and other new residential buildings to the market. Featured EPS single-family homes and ADUs appeal to buyers because energy-efficient designs can yield lower utility bills and lower overall monthly costs.

Three great reasons to participate in home tours:

Showcase your work
The hallmarks of your craftsmanship are on display throughout the homes and ADUs you build—from architectural detailing to the incorporation of energy- and water-efficiency features. Tours provide an opportunity to showcase the unique aspects of these homes.

Build relationships and generate sales
Home tours help you foster relationships with potential buyers, generate sales and gain market exposure. Walking into a home, ADU or newly formed neighborhood will enable buyers to picture themselves living there. They will also be able to put a face to a builder’s name which can help create a rapport with buyers.

Educate buyers
The educational aspects of home tours are a valuable marketing tool. Potential buyers become informed, engaged consumers when they explore homes and ADUs and learn about home layout, lighting, appliances, building materials and energy efficiency standards. In this setting, active buyers, potential customers and realtors can experience these qualities firsthand in a welcoming environment.

Now is the time to start planning tours to gain market exposure and make the most of the busiest homebuying season of the year.

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