Bonuses available for packaged terminal heat pumps and boilers

""For a limited time, Energy Trust is offering a bonus incentive to customers who upgrade electric resistance heating systems to AHRI Certified® packaged terminal heat pumps (PTHPs) at multifamily properties.

An extra $125 is available for qualifying PTHPs, making the total incentive $325 per unit. Equipment must be purchased and installed after August 1, 2019. All applications and supporting documentation must be received by December 31, 2019.

Current IncentiveBonus IncentiveTotal Incentive with Bonus

In addition, multifamily customers that install a qualifying boiler may receive a bonus of $2-$6 per kBtu/h based on the size of the boiler.

Current Incentive AmountBonus Incentive
<300 kBtu/h input; $10/kBtu/h input$6/additional kBtu/h input
≥300 kBtu/h to ≤2500 kBtu/h input; $9/kBtu/h input$4/additional kBtu/h input
>2,500 kBtu/h input; $8/kBtu/h input$2/additional kBtu/h input

For more information contact Nate Collins, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075.