Residential SW Washington

On-Bill Repayment requirements

Participating in On-Bill Repayment requires that you complete the necessary training and sign a participation agreement before beginning any work or installing qualifying upgrades.

Energy Trust has three on-bill repayment offerings including:

  • Savings Within Reach on-bill repayment
  • Heat pump on-bill repayment
  • SW Washington on-bill repayment

Energy Trust works with Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and local nonprofit lender Craft3 to offer financing with loan repayment through utility bills. This loan option allows qualified homeowners to cover upfront project costs for upgrades that qualify for Energy Trust incentives.

Craft3 loans help make energy efficiency more attainable with no out-of-pocket expenses and low monthly payments. Your customers may be eligible even with less-than-perfect credit because these loans use flexible credit criteria based on a customer’s utility payment history. With on-bill repayment, loan payments are included as a line item on utility statements, so customers do not have to worry about extra bills to pay.

To enroll in any of the on-bill repayment offerings and receive a custom training, contact your account manager or the Existing Homes trade ally team at 1.866.365.3526, option 4.