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On-bill repayment process improvement

Trade ally contractor looking at information on paper with a customer.Energy Trust of Oregon works with regional nonprofit lender Craft3 to provide loans featuring preferred rates and convenient repayment through homeowners’ utility bills for qualifying energy-efficiency improvements.

As of February 1, 2018, Craft3 became the primary point of contact for all on-bill repayment incentive applications, processing and loan-related questions. This change means that when submitting incentive applications for pre-approval or final documentation for payment, all documentation should be sent to instead of to If you have questions regarding content on Energy Trust’s website, the Find-a-Contractor tool or enrollment status, continue to contact

Steps to help a customer start a project after February 1, 2018:

With Craft3 loans, customers can get affordable rates and make low monthly payments, making it easier to invest in home energy upgrades. On-bill loan payments are included as a line item on utility statements, which means customers don’t need to keep track of an additional bill each month. Better still, the energy savings can help offset the cost of the loan, so customers may not even see an increase in their bill. Flexible credit criteria focusing on a customer’s utility payment history mean that even customers with less-than-perfect credit may be eligible.

Please contact Craft3 at, or 1.888.231.2170 extension 225 if you have questions.