Adapting and assisting during 2020 wildfires

The 2020 fire season has been unprecedented, not only in terms of burned forest acreage, but also in terms of damaged structures, displaced residents and lives lost. With fires expected to continue for many weeks ahead, the full impacts have yet to be seen.

Energy Trust recognizes the widespread ongoing impacts on customers and trade allies, some of whom have lost homes or businesses. The safety of staff, trade allies and customers is our top priority, along with remaining aware of, and adapting to, the challenges faced by individuals and entire communities displaced by evacuations and fire damage. We have taken the following steps:

  • Residential onsite work quality verifications are temporarily suspended.
  • Solar work quality verifications are postponed in impacted areas.
  • Marketing and outreach efforts are postponed or cancelled in certain areas, particularly heavily impacted areas in Southern Oregon.
  • Field outreach staff have reduced the number and locations of site visits to ensure their safety and the safety of customers and trade allies.
  • Solar leads communications are temporarily suspended.

In coming weeks, Energy Trust program management will review our processes and incentive requirements to determine how we can adapt to meet the needs of customers who are repairing or rebuilding damaged homes and businesses. We will also look for ways to streamline exception requests for customers in impacted areas.

We recognize that trade allies may be directly impacted by the wildfires and face competing priorities to ensure the safety of family, friends and their own homes and businesses. Our goal is to assist as needed, rather than adding to these concerns. Trade allies are encouraged to reach out to us with questions, exception requests or updated contact information. You can reach us at 1.866.368.7878 or contact your trade ally coordinator directly.