Achieve affordable quality with advanced framing

Over the past year, COVID-19 has affected numerous parts of our daily lives. For builders, these changes include a spike in the cost of lumber, however with early planning, builders can save on lumber costs by integrating advanced framing into their new construction projects.

Three key strategies can help builders achieve advanced framing and save on lumber: 24” on-center (o.c.) framing, reduced header size and stacked framing.

24” O.C.
With 24” o.c. framing, builders can construct walls with fewer 2×6 studs and get the added benefit of using less lumber while increasing wall insulation.

Reduced header size
Through proper header design, builders can reduce the amount of wood needed for headers and eliminate some headers completely. For example, if a wall is not load bearing, it may not need a header. Additionally, when a header is needed, builders can deviate from the traditional 2×6 beam, creating a thinner rim board and filling the rest of the space with insulation.

Stacked framing
To achieve stacked framing, builders can match the wall stud with the truss above it. When these line up, builders can reduce the amount of lumber for the same design. Ensuring that the studs stack will save on lumber costs. When the beams do not match, builders must account for this with more beams.

Builders considering advanced framing should work with their architect or structural engineer to rework the structural component of their plans. A great way to overcome the initial cost of redesigning a plan set is to participate in Energy Trust of Oregon’s EPS™ New Construction offering. Including advanced framing in your new construction projects can lead to higher incentives from Energy Trust.

Additionally, builders can participate in an early design assistance (EDA) meeting to talk with their verifier and architect about advanced framing logistics. EDAs earn EPS builders additional incentives starting at $500.

Learn more about how you can save money with advanced framing by emailing the EPS New Construction team.