2022 New Buildings incentives

Energy Trust periodically updates incentives to ensure we offer cost-effective savings to customers and trade allies. The following changes took effect on January 1, 2022. These changes only apply to the New Buildings program. Please note that any incentives not listed below remain at 2021 levels.

New Buildings program incentive changes that went into effective January 1, 2022:

MeasurePrimary Heating FuelDetails2021 Incentive2022 Incentive
Commercial Dishwashers and Dish MachinesGas or electric2021: separated into seven different categories with different incentive tiers, 2022: two categories with the same incentive amountBetween $195 and $900$900 each
Commercial Condensing Tankless (>200 kBtu/h)GasMultifamily no longer eligible$1/kbtu/h$1/kbtu/h
Food Service Cooking MeasuresChanges in availability due to code changes; see 2022 program materials for detailsVariesVaries
Radiant Infrared Heaters - ModulatingGas$7/kbtu/h$2.25/kbtu/h
Radiant Infrared Heaters - NonmodulatingGas$5.50/kbtu/h$1.25/kbtu/h
Multifamily In-Unit Clothes WashersGas or electricLaundry centers are now eligible$70 each$60 for clothes washers
$85 for laundry centers
Automatic Conveyor BroilersGas or electric$2,015-$2,925$2,000-$3,000
Commercial FryersGas or electricAvailable until 6/30/2022$1,000/vat for gas, $225/vat for electric$1,000/vat for gas, $225/vat for electric
Multifamily Market Solutions 2021 CodeGas or electricNew offering for 2021 code Up to $0.50 per project sq ft
New Building Interior Lighting 2021 Coden/aNew offering for 2021 code $0.20/kWh reduction (2019 code)$0.25/kWh reduction with advanced controls
$0.15/kWh reduction without advanced controls
Commercial Condensing FurnaceGasNew offeringn/a$5.75/kbtuh
Ventilating Bath FansGas or electricn/aUp to $30
Garage Exhaust Ventilation Controlsn/an/aUp to $.050/cfm

For more information about incentive changes and effective dates, email the New Buildings trade ally team or call 1.877.467.0930.