2016 Existing Multifamily incentive updates

MF_Insider_Feb16Incentives for the Existing Multifamily program are updated and effective for projects installed on or after January 1, 2016.
To provide the best guidance to your customers:

  • Make sure your staff is up-to-date on the latest incentive offers and requirements.
  • Confirm that your office is using 2016 forms.
  • Use the Existing Multifamily Incentive Booklet for staff training before providing estimates to customers. The booklet provides more detailed incentive requirements than the quick reference sheets.

Existing Multifamily incentive changes effective as of January 1, 2016:

MeasurePrimary heating fuel2015 Details2016 Details2015 Incentive2016 Incentive
Heat pump water heater, Tier 1ElectricAny sizeMust be less than 55 gallons$500 each, 60 gallons or greater; $150 each, less than 60 gallons$150 each
Heat pump water heater, Tier 2ElectricAny sizeMust be less than 55 gallons$500 each$500 each
Heat pump water heater, Tier 3ElectricAny sizeMust be less than 55 gallons$500 each$500 each
High-efficiency condensing boiler with electronic ignitionGas90% TE min94% AFUE or greater$6 per kBtuh for all sizes< 300 kBtuh $10 per kBtuh
>= 300 kBtuh to <= 2500 kBtuh
$9 per kBtuh
> 2500 kBtuh $8 per kBtuh
Gas water heaterGas0.67 or greater EF0.67-0.80 EF. Duplex, triplex and fourplex only. Hybrid models do not qualify.$100$100
Residential clothes washerElectric or GasMEF 2.2 or greater2.38 MEF or greater$150$120
Commercial clothes washerElectric or GasMEF 2.0 or greater, WF 6.0 or lowerMEF of 2.2 or greater, WF 4.5 or lower$200 gas
$300 electric
Residential dishwasherElectric or Gas268kWh per year or lessDiscontinued$25Discontinued
Direct-vent gas fireplaceGas75% FE or greater, 70-74.9% FEAdded bonus$350, $250$250, $150 plus $100 bonus
ENERGY STAR refrigeratorElectricENERGY STAR 7.75 cubic ft. or greaterENERGY STAR 14.3 – 20.5 cubic ft. with top freezer and no ice through door. $50$35

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