2015 key measures present strong opportunities

Retrofits and heating system upgrades to single-family homes accounted for much of the energy savings achieved by the Existing Homes program in 2014. What are the best ways for your business to integrate Energy Trust incentives into your work this year? Here are top opportunities for your customers and your business in 2015:

  • Heat pumps: Electric-heat customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power can cut heating costs by 25 to 50 percent and qualify for cash incentives when they replace resistance heaters or forced-air furnaces with ductless heat pumps. Customers with an existing electric heat pump can upgrade to a high-efficiency model, HSPF 9.5 or greater, to boost savings and qualify for cash incentives. The Existing Homes program works with distributors and retailers to make sure that your customers get high-quality heat pump systems at affordable prices. Attend an April biannual trade ally meeting (formerly known as roundtable meetings) in Portland, Medford or Bend to connect with regional distributors who can support your business.
  • Natural gas fireplaces: Customers heating their homes with natural gas from NW Natural or Cascade Natural Gas can get cash back for upgrading to a high-efficiency gas fireplace. If you enroll your company in instant incentives, you can provide the Energy Trust cash incentive up front as a discount to your customers—the incentive then gets paid directly to you. The required orientation webinar is on Tuesday, March 24 at 9 a.m.
  • Gas furnaces for moderate-income customers and rentals: Incentives for natural gas furnaces are available to Oregon rental property owners and customers who meet moderate-income guidelines. Savings Within Reach, Energy Trust’s moderate-income offering, provides a $550 gas furnace incentive. To learn how you can become eligible to offer Savings Within Reach incentives, register here for the webinar orientation on Tuesday, March 31 at 9 a.m. Beginning this year, trade allies participating in instant incentives can sign an agreement to offer a $500 gas furnace incentive to rental property owners. Email existinghomesta@energytrust.org for information on participating.
  • Water heating: Incentives for traditional electric water heaters have been replaced with incentives for heat pump water heaters because they are the most efficient choice for electric water heating. To stay informed of new technology breakthroughs and critical manufacturer updates for heat pump water heaters, enroll in the Smart Water Heat program. Gas water heaters with an efficiency factor of 0.67 or greater still qualify for cash incentives in Oregon.

Opportunities vary by area

Remember that Energy Trust incentives vary by region across Oregon and southwest Washington. View our service territory map for Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas to determine which incentives are available in your area. Here is a general list of incentive types available by region:

  • Oregon Coast, Willamette Valley, Central Oregon and Eastern Oregon: electric and gas
  • Southern Oregon: electric only
  • Southwest Washington: gas only

If you have questions about our service territories and eligibility for incentives, contact the Existing Homes trade ally team at 1.866.365.3526.