Team Zero website provides Inventory of Net Zero Homes

Team Zero, a partner organization of the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA), recently released a report providing an inventory of zero energy residential design and construction activity in the US and Canada. Alongside the report, the Team Zero website contains resources related to building Net Zero and a searchable inventory of all submitted Net Zero single and multifamily buildings in the US and Canada. This comes at a time when builders across the nation are experiencing the growing need to meet and exceed changing code.

The inventory classifies homes as either Zero Energy or Zero Energy Ready, meaning they achieve Zero Energy through modeling (and do not require site energy information to verify status) or they could readily become Zero Energy with a moderate addition of renewable generation. Builders are now able to search for Net Zero homes listed in the states of Oregon and Washington.

Visit the Team Zero website to:

  • List a Net Zero home on Team Zero’s Net Zero Home Inventory
  • Download annual reports to see common measures and approaches outlined for achieving Net Zero
  • Read about ongoing efforts across the nation as more and more builders adopt zero energy and zero carbon home practices

Energy Trust, in partnership with BetterBuiltNW, has worked with Team Zero and EEBA to recognize and list EPS New Construction Net-Zero Homes as an optional certification to be associated with homes uploaded to the inventory. This means builders and prospective homeowners can submit or search for homes that have earned an EPS with Net Zero designation. Builders may submit their EPS Net Zero certified homes themselves, or reach out to the EPS New Construction team to submit eligible homes on their behalf.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Team Zero Inventory page to find Net Zero homes listed across the US and Canada, and visit the Team Zero blog for articles regarding zero energy ready projects.