1.5 percent for green energy technology in public sector new construction or major renovations

Oregon state law requires that public entities spend 1.5 percent of the total cost of new construction or major renovation public improvement projects on green energy technology when the project’s budget exceeds $1 million. Recently the Oregon Department of Energy developed a frequently asked questions document to provide guidance and address how public entities can comply with this requirement.

Installing a solar electric system is one common way that public entities meet this requirement. Energy Trust can make the process easier with cash incentives and technical support, particularly when engaged early in the design phase. A solar incentive can offset 100 percent of the cost of a solar assessment, up to $2,000, and another offers 75 percent of the cost of solar-ready design, up to $5,000. Solar assessments must be performed by a solar trade ally or solar design ally, and completed during the schematic design phase. Solar assessment findings and recommendations are intended to be incorporated into the building’s drawings and specifications.

By utilizing Energy Trust resources, project teams can ensure that the solar electric system is fully integrated into the design, the installation is done well and that the public entity’s return on investment is maximized.

For more information about the solar-ready incentives and support, contact Alejandro Savransky, New Buildings senior program ally coordinator, at 503.548.4955.