Winter solar marketing information, messaging and photos

“Am I mistaken or is it actually winter? You wouldn’t know it judging from websites of solar companies. It seems to be summer 365 days each year. That’s a serious disconnect and a lost solar marketing opportunity,” points out Tor Valenza, a.k.a. Solar Fred, the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of UnThink Solar.

Nowhere is this truer than in Oregon. The first question most customers ask any installer is whether solar works in the often overcast Pacific Northwest.

“Solar pros may know that silicon-based solar panels are more efficient during the winter months and that you should let the snow and ice melt rather than scrape them off panels, but consumers don’t,” said Solar Fred.

These are concerns that can be easily addressed by showing customers images and information about how well solar installations work in snow, ice, rain, sleet and other inclement weather. You can start today by writing an article for your customer newsletter extolling the virtues of free panel cleaning courtesy of mother nature or updating your website with winter photos. Read more winter marketing pointers from Solar Fred on the UnThink Solar blog.

Your company may be eligible for reimbursement for the cost of upgrading your website. Review the solar trade ally business development fund guidelines for more information.