Updated Specifications Manual coming June 30

Energy Trust updates the Home Retrofit Specifications Manual each year to reflect changes in program requirements, input from field staff and feedback from trade allies. The 2024 edition will go into effect, and be available for download from Insider’s Home Retrofit Forms page, on June 30.

Trade allies may request one printed copy of the manual. Copies of the English version will be mailed by early July, with copies in Spanish available by late July. To request yours, please complete this quick survey by May 31.

The survey is an opportunity for trade allies to review and provide feedback on the proposed updates. We look forward to receiving your feedback and will consider it when finalizing changes to the manual.

Proposed 2024 updates are as follows:

Floor Insulation

  • For purposes of qualification, basements shall be considered conditioned space unless an exception is granted prior to installation.
  • All exhaust fans that pass through the crawlspace shall be vented to the exterior of the structure and secured to the foundation with no gaps to prevent exhaust air from reentering the crawlspace.

Ductless Heat Pumps (DHPs)

  • For DHPs installed in accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to qualify for incentives, the ADU must have both its own qualifying utility account and rate schedule, along with its own USPS address.

If you have questions about the Specifications Manual or annual update process, please email the Residential trade ally team or call 1.866.365.3526.