Update on the My Business Campaign

man_thinkingThe My Business campaign is in full swing, and campaign allies are seeing the benefits. Here are updates on what’s available through this exciting marketing opportunity:

  • TV advertising expands through summer with support from Pacific Power
  • Get a FREE custom My Business website – steps and eligibility
  • Website traffic grows for My Business
  • Campaign allies are getting on board with My Business
  • Get marketing help

Pacific Power joins My Business with statewide television ad buy this summer:

Pacific Power has joined My Business with a statewide television campaign in Bend, Medford/Klamath, northern Oregon coast/Lincoln City and the mid-Willamette Valley (Albany/Corvallis), Hood River and NE Portland. This TV flight will be for the weeks of: 6/15, 6/22, 7/6, 7/13, 8/10, and 8/17.

This is great news for campaign allies. Television is a high-impact medium and we expect a big boost to the campaign. Having Pacific Power involved with this television buy will help us reach even more customers – especially for businesses who have not participated with Energy Trust before.

Get a FREE custom My Business website:

If you purchase cooperative advertising through My Business, your company can receive a free custom My Business website. See the cooperative marketing guide for details. Your media rep can help you plan your campaign schedule. Here’s how to receive your custom website:

By Monday, 4 pm, one week before your media starts to run, send the completed coop marketing reimbursement form to mybusiness@energytrust.org. Include the following:

    • high-resolution electronic file (.png) of your company’s logo (ideal logo size is 150×75)
    • Brief, one sentence description of your business
    • 30-60 words about your company’s services
    • email address and phone number

Your company’s custom My Business website will be live by 5 pm on Friday of the same week.

Website traffic grows:

Nearly 10,500 potential customers have visited www.energytrust.org/mybusiness since the start of the campaign. Even better news is that these visitors are spending time on the site – nearly 4 minutes. That’s plenty of time to search the directory, make a note of a local contractor, and maybe even pick up the phone.

Campaign allies are getting on board:
The first applications for cooperative marketing funds have arrived. Will yours be next?

Join in – this campaign is an affordable way to test out a range of marketing techniques with ready-to-go, professional materials and to see how working together with Energy Trust can help you make your business better.

The cooperative marketing period starts on June 15 and runs through September 15. Campaign allies who co-brand My Business marketing materials are eligible for 50 percent reimbursement up to $15,000. Direct mail postcards and flyers are available now through a print portal in the “for Allies” portion of the website. We’ve also added a file to listen to the My Business radio spot. This spot can be tagged with your company’s information.

Marketing Support continues, but weekly Marketing Calls are ending:
We’ve had no takers for our last several weekly marketing calls, so we’re cancelling the Wednesday at 9:20 am calls. But you can continue to tap marketing support by emailing mybusiness@energytrust.org.

Questions? Please let us know. We want you to get the most for your business from My Business.