Take advantage of solar business development resources and prepare for the new year

Close up of a table with pieces of paper that say "Ideas" in different fontsThe year is drawing to a close, and with changes to the residential tax credits on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to begin planning for 2018! Here are a few ways that Energy Trust programs can help your business plan for the future:

Plan your next marketing campaign – The Solar program worked with Glenna Wiseman of Identity3, a nationally recognized solar marketing expert, to provide a 6-part solar marketing training series for solar trade allies to use in assessing and expanding marketing efforts. You can find the pre-recorded webinars, download template documents, and listen to podcasts that you can use to grow your business on the solar trade ally pages.

Secure business development funds – Whether you are updating your website, getting new uniforms or signing up for code training,  business development funds are available to Solar trade allies for a portion of pre-approved marketing projects, technical or business training, and certification. Using the Trade Ally of Energy Trust logo in your marketing pieces positions your business as a solar expert, and training or certification helps your business improve and grow. You can find the Solar Trade Ally Business Development Fund guidelines and a pre-approval application on the Solar trade ally pages.

Get a handle on your finances – The Solar program has contracted with Kendrick Business Services to offer financial assessment and management services for Solar trade allies at a significant discount. As part of our ongoing soft cost reduction effort, and to help solar trade allies take advantage of these valuable business development resources, Energy Trust will offset half the cost of these services. You can find out more about the complete financial management assessment, hourly financial consulting, and remote CFO meetings on the solar trade ally pages.