How Strategic Energy Management saves energy

Energy is a cost of doing business, but it can also be a strategic asset to help boost profits. Energy Trust can help identify significant cost-saving opportunities through Strategic Energy Management (SEM) and help your customers capture energy savings for years to come.

SEM can provide training for participants to improve operations and engage employees. Working with energy experts from Energy Trust, customers can develop skills to identify operations and maintenance, behavioral and capital changes that can make a big difference in a building’s energy use.

What types of businesses can benefit most from SEM?

  • Campuses with multiple buildings and types of building
  • Customers with a large portfolio of buildings and a range of building types
  • Buildings with complex energy systems

Participants in SEM can learn how to:

  • Implement ongoing operations and maintenance practices
  • Reduce total annual energy costs by as much as 10 percent
  • Identify and prioritize capital improvements or process changes that lead to more savings
  • Support the need for additional resources for energy management as a result of demonstrated success
  • Overcome barriers to efficiency
  • Boost employee engagement to contribute to sustainability goals
  • Embed SEM principles in a company’s operations

Energy Trust offers cash incentives for electric savings ($0.04/annual kilowatt hour saved) and natural gas savings ($0.40/annual therm saved) through operational and behavioral improvements implemented through SEM. Additional incentives may be available for participants who complete capital energy improvement projects identified through their SEM efforts.

To learn more about SEM, trade allies can contact Nick Dreves at 503.445.2475.