Solar trade ally star rating coming in February

In February 2017, Energy Trust will launch a solar trade ally rating system for customers to view on our website. Each solar trade ally will receive a rating from zero to three stars based on the past 12-months of program participation. Your star rating will also determine the level of business development funds, solar leads and other exclusive offerings, such as pilot programs, available to you. The star rating is calculated according to trade ally performance in each of the following categories:

  1. Program service—A full star is earned by consistently submitting complete incentive applications without missing information and passing a technical design review
  2. Quality service—A full star is earned by meeting Solar Electric Installation Requirements and passing site verifications
  3. Customer service—A full star is earned by following the customer service requirements in Energy Trust’s trade ally participation agreements and having fewer than three unresolved customer complaints on file with Energy Trust

One star can be earned in each category. The combined star rating of zero to three stars for each solar trade ally will be displayed on Energy Trust’s Find a Contractor tool starting in February.

Star ratings will be reassessed quarterly and you will receive a summary report of performance in each category. This report is intended to highlight potential areas of improvement for program performance and overall business health. Each report will be based on the past 12 months of program participation and will be emailed to our primary contact listed for each trade ally.

For more information, and to better understand how the star rating is determined, you can find the draft Solar Trade Ally Rating System overview and an example Solar Trade Ally Rating report on the solar trade ally resources page.

The Solar trade ally rating system is an expansion of Energy Trust’s Existing Homes rating system and has been developed in close collaboration with both solar trade allies and the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA).

The trade ally rating summary report was emailed to each active trade ally contractor in October. If you have questions about the solar trade ally rating system or are concerned about your rating, the Solar Program wants to work with you to improve it over the next three months. Contact Matt Getchell for more information.