Solar lead generation best practices

There are many things to consider before buying leads from a service, and the truth is, lead generation services can be risky. While there are legitimate lead generation services that can bring you qualified leads who are eager to purchase solar systems, there are also lead generation companies routinely making questionable marketing claims—how do you know you’re getting a legitimately good deal?

Considering the three items below will ensure that, if you do buy leads, you’ll get quality contacts from quality lead generation companies.

1. Lead Quality

Be sure you understand where, and how, the lead generation service acquires their information, and that they are not sharing misleading information with potential customers.

How does the service in question generate their leads?
The way a lead is acquired has a huge influence on their likelihood of converting—that is, buying your product. Some companies buy leads in bulk, aggregated from all kinds of sources, and then resell those leads to businesses like yours. Others drive aggressive telemarketing campaigns that may not be viewed favorably by many customers.

2. Brand Affinity

If your lead generation service provider uses misleading information and tactics to generate leads, think about the possible negative impact on your company.
Annoying 99% of your potential customers in hopes of selling 1% isn’t a good, long-term strategy. Calculating the ROI of a lead generation service isn’t as simple as estimating customer value and subtracting payments to the lead generation company. If the provider annoys enough people, your company’s reputation will suffer.

3. Business Size

If you are considering buying leads, first consider if it’s the best investment you can make with your marketing budget.
Everything in marketing is a numbers game. The bottom line is: How much return are you getting back for your investment? Small businesses need to get the most from their limited budgets. Without careful research and consideration, you might be surprised to learn that you’re spending more on leads than those leads are generating in revenue.

Ultimately, lead generators represent your business to potential customers. They set that crucial first impression with customers, and if they are misleading or unethical, that impacts your company as well. Do your research and choose carefully.

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