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Savings Within Reach and Instant Incentives invoicing tips

Energy Trust of Oregon offers both Savings Within Reach and Instant Incentives to qualifying customers through participating trade allies. Incentive amounts and requirements may vary between Savings Within Reach and Instant Incentives, depending on the specific upgrade. However, both offers share the same requirement that incentives must be provided to customers at the time of billing and be displayed on the trade ally’s invoice.


  • The respective Savings Within Reach incentive or Instant Incentive must be provided to the customer as a deduction from their overall costs and displayed as a line-item on the relevant invoice.
  • For example, if the customer installs a ducted heat pump for $5000 and the project is eligible for Savings Within Reach incentives of $1,000, the invoice should show the following:
    • Subtotal: $5,000
    • Energy Trust Incentive Deduction: $1,000
    • Total: $4,000

If the Savings Within Reach or Instant Incentive(s) have not been provided to the customer as an upfront reduction in their total costs, or are not properly indicated on the invoice, the application will be marked as missing information, which will delay processing – potentially leading to multiple follow-up calls or customer complaints. Energy Trust makes at least two attempts to reach the contractor to collect missing information.

For more information, email the Residential trade ally team or call 1.866.311.1822.