Request for quotes issued for lighting installers for 2022 Small and Medium Business Direct Install (SMBDI) lighting offer

Energy Trust of Oregon is seeking qualified lighting contractors to participate in our 2022 Small and Medium Business Direct Install lighting offer (SMBDI).

This fixed-bid offer with increased incentives was created to more intentionally reach and serve small and medium-sized commercial, industrial and multifamily businesses, many who haven’t worked with Energy Trust in the past. Selected installers will be contracted to:

  • Install approved lighting and lighting controls equipment.
  • Work with Business Lighting program outreach team for the SMBDI program, which will provide the installation contractors with audited and qualified projects from eligible customers that have agreed to participate in the program.
  • Coordinate with the Business Lighting program’s local distribution partner for material delivery to be installed at the customer’s site.

Energy Trust hosted a webinar on November 1 that provided an overview of the RFQ and time for questions and answers. The recorded webinar can be found on the RFP/RFQ page. Initial application submissions to be considered as a program contractor are due by December 1, 2021.

For more information contact Jocelyn Brink, market outreach manager, at 503.467.0969.