Reminder: New third-party insurance tracking firm: Paladin Risk Management

Effective November 1, 2015, Energy Trust has contracted with a new third-party insurance tracking firm, Paladin Risk Management (formerly we contracted with EBIX/Trackcerts Now), to help us track contractors’ submitted insurance certificates and send email reminders when updates are needed. We anticipate this change will help us improve customer service and email notifications.

Energy Trust requires certificates of insurance, which are typically provided by your insurance agent, for required coverages as indicated in your agreement with Energy Trust.

Here are a few simple steps to submit your certificate of insurance:

  • When your insurance policy is expiring and due for renewal, remember you will need to submit a new certificate to us for your updated coverage.
  • Work directly with your agent to make sure the certificate you submit meets with the insurance requirements outlined in your agreement with Energy Trust.
  • Watch for email notices from Paladin, not just Energy Trust. Paladin will be tracking insurance on Energy Trust’s behalf, so please don’t overlook emails from them and remember to check your spam filters.
  • Notify Energy Trust if your email address changes to ensure you receive our reminders.

As of November 1, 2015, submit any insurance certificates required by your agreement with Energy Trust to:

New contact information for Paladin:

Please forward this email to your insurance agent if they will be sending renewals.

Please contact Ashley Prentice, trade ally project manager, with any questions.