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Solar Ready & Solar+Storage Ready

What is Solar Ready?

A solar ready project is designed to accommodate the future installation of solar panels and equipment after construction is complete. If you can’t install a complete solar electric system at the time of construction, building solar ready is your next best option. By planning ahead for solar, your customer will enjoy the benefits when the time is right.

Solar Ready for New Commercial Construction

Energy Trust offers cash incentives and technical support to customers who work with a solar trade ally to plan for solar on their new commercial construction projects.

  • Solar Development Assistance—Up to $1,800 in incentives to determine the solar potential of your project.
  • Solar Ready Design—Up to $15,000 in incentives to build to Energy Trust solar ready standards if you can’t install solar panels at the time of construction
  • Extended Incentive Reservation Period— Apply for solar incentives on behalf of projects much earlier in the design process than is allowed in the standard solar program

To learn how, contact your New Buildings outreach manager by email or at 1.877.467.0930.

View Forms & Resources.

Solar Ready & Solar+Storage Ready New Homes

Solar ready homes are EPS™-rated and built to allow for easier installation of a solar electric system when the time is right. A home that is built solar ready can decrease the installation cost of a system by leaving clear solar roof space, installing conduit from the attic to the electric panel and leaving room near the electrical panel for future components of a solar electric system.

Solar + storage ready homes are built to allow for easier installation of solar paired with a whole home battery storage system capable of providing backup power during a power outage. Solar + storage ready homes include all of the design components that make a home ready for solar and also includes a protected loads subpanel and space for a future battery storage system, making the home ready for resilience when the time is right.

Energy Trust provides technical assistance and financial incentives to support builders that install verified infrastructure for solar ready or solar+storage ready electric systems. A builder can qualify for a maximum incentive of $200. See more details.

Refer to the solar ready brochure or Solar Ready & Solar + Storage Ready Installation Requirements for more information, or contact us at or 1.877.283.0698.

Solar Design Allies

Solar design allies help those new commercial construction projects explore, conceptualize and design solar into their final plans by incorporating solar ready standard into the new building’s design. Architecture, engineering and design consulting firms that work with commercial new construction or major renovation projects and have prior experience in commercial solar energy system design are candidates to become Energy Trust solar design allies.

Once approved solar design allies can:

  • Be listed on the website with a solar design ally designation
  • Apply for solar incentives on behalf of projects much earlier in the design process than is allowed in the standard solar program
  • Receive referrals from new commercial projects that contact Energy Trust for assistance
  • Receive technical support and design guidance to meet Energy Trust incentive requirements
  • Gain access to special technical and business training opportunities

Solar Design Ally Applicants must:

  • Have designed at least two relevant, non-residential solar electric projects located in Oregon
  • Participate in program orientation training (offered as online videos)
  • Carry and submit Certificates of Insurance documenting required insurance coverage:
    1. State-required Workers’ Compensation insurance;
    2. Occurrence-based Commercial General Liability (including contractual liability coverage) with not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage liability, with an annual aggregate limit of not less than $1,000,000;
    3. Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) insurance with not less than $1,000,000 per claim, with an annual aggregate limit of not less than $1,000,000;
    4. Adequate levels of Automobile Liability insurance coverage for any vehicles used to perform work

All new solar design allies must participate in mandatory program training to ensure you understand the incentives, eligibility criteria, procedures and design standards. The on-demand video format was developed for your convenience. The completed quiz results will be sent to Energy Trust as proof that you have met the program training requirements.

Training Videos


Solar Ready Commercial Design & Construction Requirements
Program Guide for Solar Electric Allies
Solar Electric Installation Requirements

Membership is free and open to architects, engineers and design consulting firms with experience designing solar energy systems for commercial clients.

If you meet these qualifications, complete the following steps to complete the solar design ally application process:

  1. Fill out the Solar Electric Design Ally application.
  2. Complete a Substitute Form W-9.
  3. Complete the Faxable Request Form for Certificate of Insurance.
  4. Submit all forms to the trade ally coordinator or call 1.866.982.8769 for enrollment assistance.
  5. Watch the required online training modules listed on the solar training web page; complete the appropriate quiz when you finish your training to ensure you receive credit for participating.